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Have you experienced the Westwoods WOW Factor?

Has a Westwoods team member put a smile on your face or helped you when you weren’t expecting it? We strive to deliver outstanding customer service, so we would love to hear if a member of our team has gone the extra mile to make you feel valued and cared about as an individual. Whether it be someone who started you on your wellness journey or a really helpful member of the team on a recent visit , we’d like to know about anyone who has gone the extra mile to give you the Westwoods WOW factor. You can nominate people below, through the app, the member portal or at the club and some of your stories will feature in upcoming newsletters. We look forward to hearing from you. We look forward to hearing from you.


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At Westwoods, we are a social by nature, social by media. We'd love to share it all with you.