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Westwoods Connect

It's go to get better than this!

What is Westwoods Connect?

Are you or your team tired of working from home? Are you missing something a little more social and fun? We have the answer! Westwoods Connect is a bespoke corporate membership aimed at companies where employees work from home. The concept is to re-connect with each other by using health, fitness and wellbeing as the common ground. Our club is well equipped to offer both a virtual and in-person experience. Let us tell you more.


Upon joining the club, we encourage our members to complete a complimentary 12-week Wellness Profile, which is designed to assess your current fitness and support you in setting realistic goals for your fitness journey.

Activate your Mywellness account

Book in for your initial Tanita body composition analysis

An instructor will take you through a series of exercises to assess your current fitness level followed by an introduction to our fitness equipment

Book an appointment with an instructor, who will then take you through your personalised programme

A Programme tailored just for you

Your fitness instructor will create a personal programme based on a number of key factors that have been discussed in the initial active profile.

Your fitness instructor will talk you through and demonstrate each exercise in your programme

Your instructor will assist you with each exercise to ensure you are confident in each technique while operating the equipment safely

Q & A session with your instructor to ask any questions you may have about your fitness programme and equipment

Book a programme review with your fitness instructor for two weeks' time

How are you doing?

Here you will discuss any likes or dislikes about your programme and the progress you are making.

Your instructor will advise on any modifications to exercises and adjustments to weights

The instructor will review your exercise techniques and offer any correction advice where required

Your instructor may introduce additional exercises and techniques to your programme

You will have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your programme or exercises

You're well on your way

This is a chance to make major changes to your current programme based on your progress and confidence to date.

A Tanita body composition analysis will be taken to track your progress over the last six weeks

Review your progress and set new goals

Introduce more advanced exercises if required

Introduce more advanced techniques if required

Opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your programme or exercises

Let's take it a bit further

By now you'll be showing real progress, so at this stage you'll be offered a complimentary personal training session, where you'll be pushed out of your comfort zone for maximum results. The benefits of personal training sessions are:

Achieve time-oriented goals more quickly

Continued motivation to avoid exercise plateau

Injury prevention and rehabilitation

1:1 continued support

You've nailed it!

You've reached the end of your 12-week journey. A final Tanita body composition analysis will be taken and the results will be assessed

Reset goals with your fitness instructor

Continue your fitness journey with more knowledge and confidence

Our fitness professionals

All of our fitness team are qualified and undergo continual professional development to deliver the best possible advice and support to our members. Our team specialise in multiple areas such as pre- & post-natal training, strength training, functional training and lifestyle analysis, which means that you can get advice specific to your needs.

Connect Package 1


Our gym not only offers the very latest in fitness equipment but it also offers Technogym’s Mywellness cloud, enabling you to follow your programme and track your activity levels within the gym via a dedicated website and mobile app. If technology isn't your thing, don’t worry! Your programme can simply be added to a Technogym key, allowing you to complete your programme while in the club.

Connect Package 2


With a Mywellness account, you can record all of the activity that you do in the gym while following your programme or you can create and track workouts yourself. You can also automatically record your lifestyle exercise outwith the club by linking your third party fitness trackers, including MYZONE and SWIMTAG internally and GPS tracking apps like Runkeeper, Strava and MapMyFitness. Everything all in one place.

What if you want more?

Perfect, we love the idea that you want more. In fact, we would love to hear all about it. After all, this is all about connections! We can look to tailor your 'Westwoods Connect Membership' for your company with a range of bolt on services and privileges. Simply contact us and we will start the connection.

Functional Training


Our gym floor features the latest Synergy Functional Training Rig and designated training zone, where you can mix up your training programme by having access to a huge range of exercises. Our functional training equipment includes ViPR, Kettlebells, power bags, TRX and a battle rope to name a few. There is no quicker and better way to get results!

Cardio Zone


Overlooking our 25m pool and stunning grounds, our cardio zone offers a wide range of Technogym equipment featuring UNITY Self interactive touch screens, which allow members to access a range of Freeview channels in addition to Sky Sports and multiple radio stations. Further features include the ability to compete against a friend in our gym, follow virtual outdoor routes and even climb the Empire State Building or the Eiffel Tower.

Personal Training

For the ultimate drive, our experienced personal trainers are here to help Westwoods members. Whether you need that extra encouragement or perhaps you have a specific goal in mind, our personal trainers are with you every step of the way. Our 45-minute personal training sessions present an opportunity to delve further into your lifestyle and allow us to not only offer recommendations for exercise programmes but also offer guidance on other lifestyle factors such as sleeping habits, dietary information and general wellbeing. We have personal training packages to suit all needs, so please speak to our personal trainers for further details.

Resistance Equipment


Our gym floor offers Technogym's selectorised resistance weight training machines, which are the perfect way for you to experience all the benefits of strength training, thanks to their modular design that allows you to put emphasis on the area that you most want to train.

Free Weights Zone


Our free weights area offers members a range of equipment including dumbbells, barbells, benches, plate loaded bars, cable adjustable pulleys and a squat rack adding many more options to your training programme.


Social as a venue and social in media. Check out our latest pictures and stories by visiting and liking our page.

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Joining online is quick and easy. You could be a member of a multi-award-winning health club within minutes.


At Westwoods, we are a social by nature, social by media. We'd love to share it all with you.