Westwoods was the first club in Scotland to offer the revolutionary new tracking system called SWIMTAG and its use by members is included within the cost of membership.

swimtag at westwoods

Members who have used SWIMTAG have found that it has revitalised their motivation and fitness levels as the wristband records lengths, time and stroke per length, calories burned and much, much more. It can be used by novice swimmers who are looking to improve their stroke and/or fitness level right up to the competing professional athlete.

Once you have completed your swim and handed your wristband back to our reception team, all you need to do is wait for your data to be downloaded to your online SWIMTAG account. You can then view all the details of your swim including the breakdown of different strokes used, pace, distance, time and much more. This can also be linked to the SWIMTAG and Mywellness apps.

Download November's SWIMTAG Challenge