Studio Cycling Classes

Studio cycling

The ultimate in will power, this class caters for all levels and simulates outdoor riding, including hill climbs, downhill sprints and flat riding. A great calorie burner and lots of fun!

Studio Cycling/Tabata

A cross training class that is ideal for developing all round fitness. High intensity interval training exercises are combined with spin bike stations to create a fun and challenging workout that is different every time.

Studio cyclingMonday09.15 – 10.00Joya
Studio cyclingTuesday07.00 – 07.45Cliff
Studio cyclingTuesday19.00 – 19.45Rob
Studio cyclingWednesday17.45 – 18.30Rob
Studio cycling/tabataThursday06.45 – 07.30Cliff
Studio cyclingFriday09.15 – 10.00Joya
Studio cyclingSunday11.00-11.45Lauren O’B