High Impact Classes

Boot camp

A great total body workout with a fast-paced combination of cardiovascular and strength exercises. A fun and rewarding workout.


The studio is set up with various exercise stations which you move around to work different muscle groups. You’ll work hard and test both your cardiovascular fitness and endurance for an all-round workout.


A high intensity 20 – 25 minute metabolic workout which uses body weight exercises to build speed, strength and power for a fantastic fat burning workout.


A 20 -25 minute high intensity interval training class which has members working out at maximum effort levels for short intervals of time. A fantastic quick workout!

Studio cycling/Tabata

A cross training class that is ideal for developing all round fitness. High intensity interval training exercises are combined with spin bike stations to create a fun and challenging workout that is different every time.

Grit Strength/AthleticMonday17.45-18.30Danny
Grit StrengthWednesday18.40-19.10Rob
Body AttackThursday18.00-18.45Christine
Body AttackFriday10.30-11.30Rob
Boxing FitnessSaturday08.30-09.15Cliff
Step HIITSunday10.00-10.45Lauren O’B