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There is no competition

One of Westwoods’ greatest assets is its 25m, six-lane competition-specification pool fitted with the latest UV technology. It's fair to say that our pool is large, very large. In fact, it's the largest pool of any private health club in Edinburgh. This means that we can have a number of activities or sessions in the pool at any one time. From swimming lessons to Aqua classes and lane swimming to a social swim area for families, we have it covered.

Swimtag Technology


Members who use SWIMTAG have found that it has revitalised their motivation and fitness levels as the wristband records lengths, time and stroke per length, strokes used, pace, distance, calories burned and much more. It can be used by novice swimmers who are looking to improve their stroke and/or fitness level right up to the competing professional athlete. This can also be linked to the SWIMTAG and MYWELLNESS apps. Not only that but it's a free service to Westwoods members.


Due to the size of the pool, there is always a lifeguard on duty for the safety of our members. Our lifeguard team undergo regular training, so you know you are in safe hands.

Aqua Classes


Our Aqua classes, which are like aerobics classes done in the shallow end of the pool, are popular with all ages and we do love to make a splash at Westwoods. We offer Aqua classes six days a week and they're the perfect way to meet new friends, improve your fitness and above all, have fun. They're also fantastic for recovery and injury rehabilitation. Why not join our regular Aqua class goers afterwards for a post-workout coffee and treats in our very own Café Refresh? As a Westwoods member, booking your Aqua classes couldn't be easier with our mobile app for Apple or Android devices. Download it now by clicking below for an easier way to manage your membership.

Changing Rooms

Our poolside has dedicated wet changing rooms for your convenience, each with lockers, toilets, hair dryers, vanity areas and showers. Both changing rooms lead directly onto poolside.

Sauna & Steam Room


Our sauna and steam room are the perfect place to unwind after a workout, class or long day. Situated on poolside, you can enjoy the benefits of the heat prior to or after your swim. Either way, we think they're a perfect way to clear your mind.


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