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Welcome to our ‘Join Online’ portal, where joining is quick and easy, giving you instant membership to a multi-award-winning health club. Once the online process is complete, a member of our team will contact you within 24 hours to discuss any questions you may have about the club. If your membership includes fitness suite access, we will book you in for an initial appointment with one of our fitness professionals.


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During the online joining process, your membership subscription will be broken down as follows.

This relates to the joining fee.
This only applies if you join after the 15th of any given month.
This always applies and covers the remainder of the month that you joined in.
To access all areas of the club including the pedestrian gait and private car park, members are required to purchase a Westwoods wrist band at a cost of £10. This is non refundable. In addition to allowing access, your wristband will also store and load your fitness programme on any piece of gym equipment.

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Joining online is quick and easy. You could be a member of a multi-award-winning health club within minutes.


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