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Jog Scotland at Westwoods

At Westwoods, we work in partnership with Jog Scotland to provide running groups on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings. The groups take various scenic routes including to the coast and back, through local parks and up to Castlehill Esplanade and back, which is a particular favourite of our runners. Running in a group is a great way to get motivated, gain a sense of achievement and meet new people.

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Spaces on Tuesdays are sold in a 10-week block and are open to members and non-members. All jogs incorporate speed and endurance while being very sociable and great fun. Please contact reception for bookings and further details.

Pay As
You Go


Andrew Dean leads pay-as-you-go sessions on Saturday mornings, which cost £3 per session. If you wish to get involved on a Saturday, please contact the jog leaders directly by email.


The learn more about Jog Scotland, visit their website by clinking below.

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