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Fettes Active Strength & Conditioning


Fettes Active is a joint initiative by Fettes Enterprises and Fettes College that offers five-day sports development and multi-activity camps for young people throughout the summer holidays. Our strength & conditioning camp, running from 9th to 13th August, will use exercise prescription to help young people improve athletic performance, create adaptations and prevent injuries. The camp is not geared towards any one sport and will be of benefit to all participants in their chosen sport or activity.



In addition to our sport-specific and multi-activity camps, Fettes Active is pleased to offer a one-week strength & conditioning camp for 14- to 17-year-olds, which will coach the participants in both field and gym environments to improve their performance in a variety of sports by encouraging positive training habits and developing technical abilities.


Looking after your body and preparing it to perform at its best in your chosen sport or activity has never been more important, so participants will learn the fundamentals of nutrition, conditioning, technical movements and training styles in an enjoyable and safe environment. Fitness is key in all sports, so improvements in strength and stamina will translate into improved performance on the pitch.

Head Coach


Jordan is the current Strength and Conditioning coach at Fettes College and is also responsible for strength and conditioning for Heriots Super 6 Rugby. He is guided by the principle that every pupil is at a different stage of their physical development and will benefit from positive, individual advice tailored to their circumstances. Having obtained his MSc in Strength and Conditioning, he spent two seasons in France with a professional rugby team, gaining vast experience working with athletes at the top rung of their sport. After this, he turned his attention to working with young people and has had experience in hockey, basketball, football and various other sports, working with boys and girls of all ages. Jordan is motivated by working with young people and aiding in their long-term physical development, which he feels is essential to health, athletic success and prevention of injuries.


Participants will learn techniques of gym-based and speed exercises, gain knowledge of how to prepare their bodies for physical exertion and understand the important role of nutrition in improving performance and overall fitness.

What's Included?


Each morning will begin with an activation and preparation session followed by a session dedicated to speed, plyometrics or change of direction. Following this, participants will take part in a gym or technical session, and will finish off the day with conditioning, which will include running, rowing, circuits and boxing on different days. All attendees will be given the opportunity to test themselves with equipment and will leave with a programme based on the sessions to help with their fitness during the following four weeks.

£180 Per Week

Sample weekly programme

The sample programme below highlights the format and timings for each element within the rugby development camp.
9:00am to 9:30amDrop off & registration Drop off Drop off Drop off Drop off
9:30am to 10:00amActivation & preparationActivation & preparationActivation & preparationActivation & preparationActivation & preparation
10:00am to 11:00amSpeed sessionPlyometric SessionSpeed sessionChange of direction sessionPlyometric session
11:00am to 11:15pmMorning break Morning break Morning break Morning break Morning break
11:15pm to 12:30pmGym sessionTechnical session of Olympic exercisesGym sessionTechnical session of Olympic exercisesGym session
12:30pm to 1:30pmPacked lunchPacked lunchPacked lunchPacked lunchPacked lunch
1:30pm to 2:30pmRunning conditioningRunning conditioningRunning conditioningBike conditioningRunning conditioning
2:30pm to 2.50pmRecovery & debriefRecovery & debriefRecovery & debriefRecovery & debriefRecovery & debrief

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