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Covid 19 Action Plan

Westwoods Health Club

Keeping you safe

It really does feel good to be back! Despite many things being that little bit different, the club will be the same welcoming place it always has been as we strive to ensure it is also a safe place for you to enjoy. In addition to enhanced cleaning measures, the most notable change is that every activity will have to be pre-booked as this will allow us to control occupancy in line with Scottish Government and ukactive guidelines. For further information on our revised procedures, including booking activities, please read on.

How will it work?

Click or tap on the image below to watch our video, which explains the procedures and measure that we have put in place to keep you safe while at Westwoods Health Club. If you have any questions, please ask a member of our team, who will be delighted to help.

Reception, Cafe and social area refurbishment

We have made some exciting layout, design and technology enhancements to these areas while the club has been closed, which give the place a whole new look and feel. Cafe Refresh will feature a new grab & go service while those in a hurry can swipe themselves in and go directly to their booked activity or those who wish can speak with our team about whatever is on their mind.

Keeping You Safe & Well


Our number one priority is your safety and that of our team. Many things in the club have changed, but rest assured that the measures and procedures we have put in place have been very carefully thought out and adhere to government guidelines. Not only have we had to physically change the layout of certain areas to allow for better physical distancing and limit access, but our cleaning procedures have been overhauled as well.  Key measures include:

  • Limiting the number of members in the club, in classes and in different areas of the club
  • Providing hand sanitising stations on arrival and throughout the club in key areas
  • Enhanced cleaning schedules to maintain a high level of hygiene, particularly across high contact points in the club
  • Changing our cleaning products to ones that include viricidal disinfectant cleaning solution
  • Reducing class occupancy to allow for physical distancing
  • Sanitising equipment and floors after every class and time slot

Visiting the club

Prior to attending the club, you must pre-book all activities, including gym, class and swim sessions, as spaces will be limited in line with Scottish Government and ukactive guidelines. It is imperative that you only book activities that you realistically plan to attend, both out of respect for other members who would like to attend and to avoid getting strikes. Our strike policy can be found at the bottom of the page.
As a courtesy to other members and to allow as many people to use the club as possible, we would ask you not to book back-to-back sessions of the same type (e.g. back-to-back gym sessions) but you can book back-to-back sessions of different types (e.g. a gym session followed by a swim session). We would also ask you not to book more than one class per day throughout this initial period. If, however, any spaces are still available on the day of any activity, members are free to book additional sessions from 6:30am.
Although you can book by phone, the easiest way to book is through the Westwoods app or via your member portal. The key benefit of booking this way is that you can view availability in real time and also have the option of being added to waiting lists, where applicable. You can also move or cancel any booking at the click of a button. If you haven't already created your member portal, please contact the club and a member of the Westwoods team will be delighted to help. To download the Westwoods app, click the button below.
We would ask members to arrive punctually for their booked activities. Should you arrive early, we would ask you, in general, to stay in your car until 5-10 minutes before your activity but we can accommodate a limited number of people in Café Refresh before and after booked activities. As you enter the club, you will be asked to sanitise your hands before you swipe your membership card under the new self-check-in station situated immediately to the right as you come through the automatic doors. It is vital that all members check in on arrival for any activity, including PT and outdoor training, so we know you have arrived for your session, for us to be track and trace compliant and for you to avoid strikes. Our friendly team will always be on hand should you have any questions.
From our re-opening on 16th September, Westwoods will be a cashless facility.

Westwoods Gym


The gym is open and ready for business. You must pre-book a 60-minute session prior to coming to the club as we will be allowing a maximum of 15 people into the gym at any time. Once in the gym, please respect the physical distancing measures we have put in place. We have temporarily reduced the number of machines within the gym, with a number being repositioned based on machine popularity. Don't worry if a machine that was in your programme has temporarily been removed as our fitness professionals will be on hand to advise you of alternatives. Although you generally should not pre-book back-to-back gym sessions, if you need more than 60 minutes, you can check availability in the next session at reception and if there is a free place, you can continue your workout in the next available slot. While training, please respect physical distancing guidelines and sanitise any equipment you use with spray sanitiser.

Westwoods Classes


All classes are now bookable via the member portal and app. The capacity of each class has been reduced to accommodate physical distancing so we can keep our members and team safe. We would ask members to use the hand sanitiser provided before classes begin and we encourage you to bring your own fitness mat, as appropriate. We have re-scheduled the timings of classes to allow our team ample time to clean and sanitise. Not only that, but we have taken the opportunity to re-work the timetable by adding a whole new range of classes to suit all levels of fitness. You may also have noticed that we have two new class areas, the first being our Outdoor Fitness Zone and the other our relaxing Wellness Studio. We can't wait for you to experience them.

Cafe refresh

You will immediately notice that Cafe Refresh has completely changed with a new layout, menu and feel. We would love for you to catch up with your friends in our outdoor or indoor seating areas but tables will be positioned to encourage social distancing. Please take note of the 'queue here' stickers, sanitise your hands with the products provided and use contactless payment methods. Menu items will be grab and go style to avoid excess handling but will still be fresh and tasty. Jacqui and her team look forward to seeing you again soon.



We know that many members come to Westwoods because of our pool and we are happy to invite you to jump in again. 45-minute pool sessions will need to be booked in advance and the number of adult bathers in the pool at any time will be limited to a maximum of 15. We would ask members to follow a one-way system poolside and, prior to the start of your session, to join the holding area marked out to allow those already swimming to finish their session. To accommodate physical distancing, the pool will be divided into three lanes and the steam room and sauna are temporarily closed.

Changing Rooms


Members should arrive at the club already dressed for their training session as our changing rooms are temporarily closed to non-swimmers. Members using the pool can use the wet changing rooms, which will be cleaned every 30 minutes. Those who walk or cycle to the club can use the lockers in the dry changing rooms to store their belongings.

Constant review

We follow Scottish Government and ukactive guidelines. Therefore, our policies and procedures are subject to change at short notice. We also recognise that our internal policies and procedures may need adjusting from time to time, so please bear with us as we are doing everything we can to make your visit a safe and enjoyable experience while also protecting you and our team.

Member Promise - Doing your bit to help


  • Please pre-book all visits and activities through your member portal, Westwoods app or by phone.
  • If you experience any symptoms associated with Covid-19 (high temperature, a new and continuous cough or change to your sense of smell or taste) on the day of your booking, please stay at home.
  • Please arrive at the club ready to start your chosen activity no more than 5-10 minutes prior to its start time. Where possible, we encourage you to stay in your car if arriving earlier.
  • When visiting the club, please wear a face covering as soon you enter the club grounds and when in all communal areas of the club. Face coverings are not required when taking part in the physical activity of your choice.
  • When arriving in the club, please swipe your card at a self-check-in station.
  • Please use the hand sanitiser provided in key locations before and after your session.
  • Please bring your own filled water bottle.
  • Please refrain from bringing your own sweat towel to the gym. Blue roll will be available at various stations throughout the gym.
  • Please wipe down any equipment that you use when visiting the club with the spray sanitiser provided. Please refrain from bringing your own cleaning products.
  • We recommend you bring your own exercise mat if one is needed for studio classes.
  • If swimming and using our changing rooms, please be patient and respectful of the physical distancing rules within the showers and changing room areas.
  • If you have had a break from your usual exercise routine lately, please take things at your own pace and do not overexert yourself.
  • Please be patient and respectful to your fellow members as well as staff.
  • Most importantly, enjoy your workout!


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